Informal Passenger Transport Beyond COVID-19: A Trade Union Guide to Worker-Led Formalisation


GLI Manchester is pleased to announce that the Informal Passenger Transport Beyond COVID-19: A Trade Union Guide to Worker-Led Formalisation is now available to view and download.

Covid-19 has already had a profound economic and health impact on the lives of millions of informal transport workers, and the crisis shows little sign of abating. As with all crises, it is the most vulnerable in the workforce who have been hit the hardest.

While these challenges are considerable, they also offer unions the opportunity to mobilise informal transport workers in a campaign to:

  • ensure a just transition for informal workers through worker-led formalisation
  • develop quality public transport systems that provide affordable services for passengers and decent work for transport workers
  • build a ‘gender equal new normal’, where women transport workers’ rights are protected and gender equality in the transport industry is achieved

While governments and international organisations are talking about ‘building back better’ after Covid-19, it is clear that in many cases this simply means a return to the tried and failed policies of privatisation, austerity and ignoring worker voices and interests. We know that there can be no going back to the ‘old normal’.

This guide aims to support unions in both responding to the immediate challenges posed by the pandemic and embarking on new campaigns to positively shape urban transport in the interests of workers, passengers and communities beyond the crisis.

This guide was commissioned by the by the ITF and is a contribution to the ITF’s Our Public Transport (OPT) programme and is available to view here.